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So. I guess because LJ is kind of all the fail, and stuff, I'm shifting over to Dreamwidth a little. This is basically so that if there is a mass-exodus I've already done the hard bit.

I'll cross-post fic here and stuff I guess. I just thought you might like to know, I s'pose. If I get really cross I might restrict myself to the main comms, but who knows?

Anyway. [personal profile] errantcomment is me.
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I think I might watch Atonement.

Because I really really want to see Benedict Cumberbatch play a baddie. It will completely fuck with my head because I'm mentally three and think characters are people or whatever but IDEC. I like being headfucked. In a non-sexual way. Usually.

I'm just like 'Can you imagine?'

So there's that.

The other thing is I watched Doctor Who with people last night. Knowing what happens when they don't is kind of amazing

Them: "Is that Melz gonna hang around? =/"
Me: "Yes, pretty much."
T: "Oh, so I suppose she's to distract from the Melody thing,"
M: "Yeah, I reckon."
T: "She seems a bit like River though. =/"
M: "...A little, yeah."

And then I realised. This is what Moffat must feel like all the time.

No wonder he always looks so pleased with himself.

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I have had this picture )

open in my browser all day because I haven't known what to do with it. It's just there. Occasionally I'll accidentally click on it and forget what I was thinking about. Just look at that person. What is he like?

Also think I might have to drop off IRC in the day while I'm at uni. I'm dangerously close to not passing, which is less than ideal.


Aug. 28th, 2011 08:59 pm
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About to try my hand at original fiction- proper original with people and ideas I made up all by myself (hopefully) fiction.

Hopefully it won't be horrible. I don't want to write a soul-searing epic, just... Something good. Something someone else wants to read.
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My chavvy London-based cousin's take on the riots:

"Wat a joke this has become it was funny aƄ first thinkin of the poor tucker watching there car being burnt on national tv but now its stupid people have died and childrens homes are burnt down and now my top shops have been smashed and now i cant get what i wanted for dinner :('"

Well, that's us told.


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